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“Korban Binatang Perbuatan Tak Bermoral”. Kata² Siti Kasim Ini Buat Ramai Umat Islam BENGANG !!!

| September 7, 2017 | 1 Comment

“Korban Binatang Perbuatan Tak Bermoral”. Kata² Siti Kasim Ini Buat Ramai Umat Islam BENGANG !!! | KUALA LUMPUR: Siti Kasim sekali lagi menggemparkan umat Islam malaysia dalam ucapan selamat hari rayanya hari ini. Dia mendakwa bahawa al-Qur’an tidak pernah menyatakan mimpi Nabi Ibrahim a.s. untuk mengorbankan anaknya adalah dari Tuhan. Menurutnya lagi, hanya Syaitan yang menganjurkan kejahatan dan kemaksiatan manakala tuhan tidak akan menyuruh hambanya melakukan kejahatan.

Menurut laporan Menara.My, Siti Kasim berkata, “Quran tidak pernah mengatakan bahawa Tuhan menyuruh Ibrahim untuk membunuh (mengorbankan) anak lelakinya. Quran tidak pernah mengatakan bahawa mimpi tersebut adalah dari Tuhan.

Quran mengajar kita bahawa Tuhan tidak akan menganjurkan kejahatan (lihat 7:28 dan 16:90) dan hanya Syaitan yang menganjur kejahatan dan kemaksiatan (24:21).” “Tanggapan bahawa Allah mahukan kita melakukan perkara tidak bermoral adalah berlawanan dengan keadilan Allah,” katanya lagi.

Siti Kasim berhujah bahawa Islam menuntut individu untuk mengorbankan ego dan kehendaknya sendiri sebagai jalan tunggal untuk mencapai tahap “lenyap dalam Allah”, sedangkan perbuatan mengorbankan makhluk lain adalah tidak bersumberkan kepada ajaran al-Qur’an.

Siti Kasim berkata, “Berkorban bukanlah rukun Islam. Islam, menuntut pengorbanan peribadi dan penyerahan sebagai hanya satu jalan untuk mati sebelum kematian dan mencapai “Fana” atau “lenyap dalam Allah”.” Beliau meneruskan, “Tanggapan mengenai “wakil bagi menebuskan dosa” (membebaskan dosa seseorang menerusi darah yang lain) tidak terdapat di dalam al-Qur’an.

Begitu juga dengan idea bagi meraih keredhaan dengan menawarkan nyawa orang lain kepada Tuhan.” “Dalam Islam, apa yang dituntut sebagai pengorbanan adalah kesanggupan individu untuk menyerah ego dan kehendak individu kepada Allah,” sambungnya lagi.

Beliau mendesak umat Islam moden supaya mempersoalkan amalan korban ini secara serius kerana perbuatan ini hanya membawa kepada pertumpahan darah secara sia-sia dan menyumbang kepada kemusnahan alam sekitar. Beliau berhujah, “Sekiranya seseorang tinggal di kawasan beriklim padang pasir, dalam sebuah kampung kecil dimana memakan daging adalah realiti yang tidak dapat diubahkan dan merupakan perkara mustahak untuk terus hidup, maka isu untuk mengorbankan haiwan mempunyai konteks dan berkaitan.”

“Namun bagi kita yang tinggal di dunia moden, kita perlu mempersoalkan amalan ini secara serius dimana ia bukan sahaja telah kehilangan makna (dalam suasana kita sekarang ini), malah juga menyumbang kepada pertumpahan darah yang sia-sia dan kemusnahan alam sekitar,” desaknya lagi.

Right now thousands of animals are being sacrificed in the name of Allah.
Sacrifice is not a pillar of Islam.

Islam, demanded personal sacrifice and submission as the only way to die before death and reach “Fana” or “extinction in Allah.” The notion of “vicarious atonement of sin” (absolving one’s sins through the blood of another) is nowhere to be found in the Qur’an. Neither is the idea of gaining favour by offering the life of another to God. In Islam, all that is demanded as a sacrifice is one’s personal willingness to submit one’s ego and individual will to Allah.

Qur’an never says that God told Abraham to kill (sacrifice) his son. The Qur’an never says that the dream was from God. The Qur’an teaches us that God never advocates evil (see 7:28 and 16:90) and that only Satan advocates evil and vice (24:21). The notion that Allah would want us to do an immoral act runs counter to Allah’s justice.

The underlying implication of Islam’s attitude toward ritual slaughter is not that of blood atonement, or seeking favour with God through another’s death, but rather, the act of thanking God for one’s sustenance and the personal sacrifice of sharing one’s possessions and valuable food with one’s fellow humans.

Nowhere in the Qur’an does it suggest that people who do not need to eat meat to survive or who eat meat but do not have access to the same animals present in Arabia are somehow unable to be Muslims.

And nowhere in the Qur’an does it suggest that sacrifice is meant for any purpose other than to thank Allah for that which we have sometimes been obliged to kill, or as a personal sacrifice of something that is considered a possession in order to share it with our more needy neighbors, etc.

If someone lives in a desert climate, in a small village where meat-eating is an unchangeable reality and a matter of survival, then the issue of animal sacrifice has context and relevance. But for those of us living in the modern world, we have to seriously question practices that not only have lost meaning (in our present circumstances), but also are contributing to needless bloodshed and environmental destruction.

The time has come for all true Muslims, be they Sunni or Shi’a, Sufi or otherwise, to stand up for the universal standards of justice and compassion that the Prophet (sal) not only spoke of (both through Hadith and, more importantly, as the receiver of the Qur’anic revelation), but actually put into practice.

For those who need to take a life in order to survive, then let them do so humbly and with respect for the life they are forced to take, showing as much mercy and compassion as humanely possible in an otherwise regrettable situation. However, for those of us who no longer need to kill in order to survive, then let us cease to do so merely for the satisfaction of ravenous cravings which are produced by nothing more than our Nafs (or lower self). That would truly be the Sunnah of the Prophet (sal)”

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  1. ibrahim Wahid says:

    Animal sacrifice is Jewish tradition. Allah commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac,as an offering,he offered a lamb instead. This is written in the Torah thousand years before the existence of the Koran.The Koran also mentioned about the event, but it did not specify the son.

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